Types of roofs

Aquadesk - thermobonded board for designing of green roof compositions can be use for the following types of roofs:

  • Extensive flat roofs
  • Biodiverse variants
  • Semi-intensive flat roofs
  • Intensive flat roofs
  • Extensive slope green roofs
  • Biodiverse slope roofs
  • Retention roofs without vegetation

AQUADESK can also be used for the retention layers of roofs and other retention surfaces, as well as for the protective layer and the creation of various waterproofing layers resistant to mechanical damage.

Basic compositions of green roofs

Composition LIGHT
Composition intended for large areas of roofs – suitable for industrial halls, administrative units and civil buildings. Due to its composition and low weight, it is also intended for wooden buildings, reconstructions and buildings with the required low load on the roof.

Composition STANDARD
Composition intended for residential buildings and field constructions.

It is developed for easy laying. This composition fulfills the "Do-It-Yourself" concept. It enables laying on green roofs of more complex curves, with various construction protrusions and protrusions. Thanks to two overlapping slabs, this composition does not require a geotextile bottom layer.

More compositions of green roofs


The GRAVEL composition is designed for roofs without vegetation with a requirement for increased water retention.


The composition SEDUM CARPET is intended for stone carpets. This allows you to create a roof with an immediate green effect.


Composition for pitched roofs over 15˚ slope. For successful implementation it is needed to use the mechanical anchoring preventing the substrate from sliding.


The composition INTENSIVE is intended for roof gardens. It requires watering and regular maintenance.


The composition BIODIVERSIVE is closest to nature thanks to the great variety of plants. When creating it, individual standard and special tracks are combined. This track requires professional design and installation.


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